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The Burlap Rose is a boutique of local artist and designers. Our clientele are able to find original pieces from bath & body products, home decor, baby & more. We inspire through our creative classes, special orders, and personalization and tailoring. 

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  • Alterations & Special Orders available
  • Private Sewing Lessons available for individuals and Groups

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The Burlap Rose is happy to present a "FULL~SERVICE ARTISAN BOUTIQUE". We not only offer original art work and designs from local artist but the opportunity to discover the craftsman within yourself thru classes and workshops. Find your nitch by exploring our monthly calender of events.

Spring/Summer Collection 2018
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  Looking for this year's trending styles, colors, and inspirations? We are here to help tour you through those creative ideas.  Come in to shop the latest from the runway or work with a  designer to build your wardrobe.  Let our originality be your guide....

Spring / Summer 2018
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